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Hey AndroKids! It?s up to you. Help save the beautiful Princess Goodgrade from Notebook City?s big, bad Scribble King! His crimes: Kidnapping Princess Goodgrade, and having chicken scratch writing any teacher would grade an F! Your mission: collect all the gold coins, which will open the magical door. The opened door will lead you to the Princess! But beware of the guards. They?ve been ordered by the Scribble King to prevent you from rescuing Princess Goodgrade. The bad King Scribble has also planted some traps for you, so please be careful, and keep a watchful eye. Not to worry, however, because with some help from ladders and springs, you?ll be able to maneuver nicely around Notebook City to continue your mission. You?ll also have the ability to use confetti bombs to dig holes. Use these holes wisely to hide in. They may save your life! Don?t worry little one, you?re not alone. A magical elf will talk to you, giving you many helpful hints all along the way. This magical voice in the sky is just a gu

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